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Our Best Tips for Traveling with a Baby

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Whether you're traveling across town to see Grandma or across the world on a plane, we've done our fair share of traveling with our two young boys and have discovered a few little tips and tricks that work wonders to make the journey so much smoother, especially if you're traveling via plane.

Keep on reading, mama, cause we've got you!


The best plane hacks for traveling with an infant


1) This one may or may not go against your typical routine at home, but when you're traveling with an infant or toddler, all of our normal parenting "rules" go out the window. And let me tell you - that's OKAY! You can even make it part of the fun if you want. So first - SNACKS! 

Bring lots of snacks and toys. My kids will do anything for a snack, and I bet yours probably will, too.

Before your trip, head to the nearest Target or hit up your local grocery and stock up on all of the diaper bag friendly snacks and snack bags you can possibly fit in that bag of yours, mama. You'll be thankful for that little magical cheerio at some point on your travels!

2) Buy a new toy or two for the airplane so it keeps them occupied. 

There's nothing like the allure of a new toy or book to grab that little one's attention for an extra bit. Again, make this part of the fun of traveling!

Head to the dollar bin at Target and find a few fun toys that you can surprise your babe with on the plane. Bonus points if they're inexpensive - if you happen to leave them behind on the plane on accident it'll hurt a little bit less!

3) Use the Goobie Baby Waste Bag Dispensers to keep trash and random bits of half-eaten snacks (there are those snacks again!) that will inevitably get crusted on your pants if you don’t dispose of them properly. :)

Whenever we travel on plane, I hang my bag off the little “coat hook” button on the side of the seat (some planes have this, some don't!). You can also hook it over the tray clutch or keep it in the seat pocket for easy and quick access. Either way, have it on hand!

Grab a Waste Bag Dispenser here!

4) Use a teething necklace to string together some toys so they don’t fall on the floor.

This may be my most favorite little traveling #momhack ever - it works great for the plane, car, train, stroller, anything where the babe needs to be entertained for a bit and the toys need to be kept clean and contained, too!

I use any of our teething necklaces (our Audrey teething necklace in maroon is pictured below) to create a little strand of endless entertainment - at least endless for thirty minutes or so. But hey, on a plane, I'll take any minute of entertainment we can get! ;)

If your baby is teething, our teething necklaces can double up as a natural relief for baby + if you string it with a couple of other fun teething toys, you've got a winner in this solution right here. 


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If you've done a bit of traveling with your babe, what tips do you swear by? Let's help all the mamas out with our very best tips. Leave a comment below and let me know!


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