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A Letter To The New Mama

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Hi new mama,

You've been on my heart lately.

You know you're rocking it, right?

Encouragement for the new mama - send this letter to all you know!

You just grew and birthed or adopted or chose to or were thrown into this new thing. This new thing that has completely and utterly and totally changed your life in every single way, both big and small.

And you're doing it. You're absolutely doing it! You may feel all kinds of spaced out and overwhelmed, you may long to turn on Jack Johnson and dance a little bit as you unwind and cook a mean stir-fry with a glass of wine in hand, or you may be craving a long run with nowhere to be but on the trail, but new mama... you are DOING IT!

You're adjusting to your new beautiful, bigger, lovelier, more tired life. I know you're sitting there trying to take in every little bit of your new baby (or babies!! we see you, #mamaofmultiples!). That little nose that really can only be described as a "button nose" (you get it now, right?), the tiny fingers and the toes that you just want to gobble up, their sweet little mouth - you want to remember it all, for you know they're growing up right before you. But mama? You're growing, too.

You're growing into the woman you were always meant to become, into the mama that your baby was meant for. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing, to grow and change right alongside your baby.

I'm proud of you, new mama. It's not easy - this whole laying down your heart and your life for another - but it's the most beautiful honor. 

And that glass of wine? Go ahead and pour yourself one. Just go ahead and make it a red, because it may take you a little bit longer to finish it these days. ;)

You've got this. Remember - you're doing amazing. You're a great mama.

We're proud of you, and we're here for you - every single step of the way.

Happy Mother's Day, new mama!

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  • mamaligadoc: January 04, 2021

    With respect !!!

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