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Say 'Hello' To Your New Mealtime Favorites

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Hello, hi mamas! I'm so excited to introduce you to the brand new Goobie Baby (which can also be referred to as my third baby - only this one doesn't need stinky diaper changes or loooongg bedtime routines! ;) )

The Goobie Baby you have come to know and enjoy has a brand new look! 

I've always believed that mamas never lose themselves when they have their babes - not at all - but instead I think we become even better versions of ourselves. Supermamas, right?!

It's my goal with the new Goobie Baby to celebrate both baby AND mama - to create high-quality, beautiful pieces that are baby chic AND mama sleek.

Which leads me to our newest products...



Bamboo Dinnerware for Toddler + Baby


Yup, new dinnerware!

We're upping the dinnerware game for kids with our sturdy, safe, and chic bamboo dinnerware available in the best colors of the season.

Take a peek at a few of the new Goobie Baby dinnerware options below. Your kiddos are going to love these sets - AND so is mama! No more corny plastic plates from the grocery store. ;)


Bamboo 6 Piece Dinnerware Set in Mint
Maybe some of my favorites from the collection - SNACK BOWLS!
These bowls are the PERFECT solution for everything from Cheerios to berries, cereal, and more. They're perfectly portioned for kids and even kid approved. ;)

We've already started to see some photos of the new bamboo dinnerware roll in on Instagram and it's so fun seeing how everyone uses the sets in their own homes for mealtimes and snacks galore!

And the best part? These plates, bowls, and cups are SAFE.

If you're concerned about harmful plastics in your child's dishware, our reusable toddler plates are tested and proven to be toxin free and food grade. FDA and parent approved, they contain no BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, cadmium, or mercury. Enjoy more peace of mind at mealtimes

AND! They're all renewable & sustainable. These bamboo plates for boys and girls are made from a special blend of biodegradable bamboo fiber. And yes … they are Dishwasher Safe (top rack recommended).

Good for the Earth and your family!

Mix and match your favorites from the new dinnerware collection to make mealtime more fun, more simple, and sleek and chic for both kids + mama!


Sleek Dinnerware for Kids


Pick your favorites and shop the entire Bamboo Dinnerware collection here!


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